Lights to fantasy!

Home is a place we love to return to. They say homes are not just built of bricks and mortar; they are like someone beckoning you. When you build a house, you invest a fortune, minutely thinking about every nook and corner. Interior or home décor is way above just selecting the wall colors, it can be adding the final touch of perfection to the ambiance. When you look at a place, there should always be something which remarkably makes the area stand out. All the details of the house, from unique wall art to furniture or decoratives, need to be well sought. Every small detail adds on to the aesthetics of the surroundings. While one may have a beautiful abode, it may still be a notch below than being outstanding if the lighting in the house is not appealing or perhaps not considered.

Having a bunch of selected lampshades or lights gives a feeling of completeness. Space appears brighter with a tender addition of an impactful light. For instance, a small lamp in the corner can change the mood of the whole space and sends warm vibes. The house appears to be welcoming your dear ones with a dim golden or warm white light making it like a good host. Thus, lighting stands out as a predominantly essential feature of any house décor.

Let’s talk lights   : When you are deciding which lights to buy, it first becomes important to know which all types of lighting fittings are there these days. The point to consider is how the light fitting directs or distributes the light into the surroundings. From sleek hanging lights to huge chandeliers, there are plenty to choose from. Here are some of the types of light fixtures used in homes: Track lights – Track lights are wall-mounted lights placed in the linear unit or along the ceiling towards a wall. This is used to highlight a wall and the artwork if any. Amount of light from such fixtures can be regulated.

Recessed lights – These are fixed on the ceiling in a symmetrical pattern. The lights give ambient and well-spread brightness without overwhelming the area. Floor lamps – A magnanimous and timeless way of lighting the house, being the living room or any other these lamps have found their place. These are placed on the floor and usually, vary in height. Table lamps – These kind of lamps express the glyph of the room. Well suited for reading tables, cabinets, they never fail to make an impression.

Chandelier – These are best at purpose hung from the ceiling, spreading their mesmerizing light upward. They give an elegant and tender look to the decorative quotient of the house. Usually, large they adorn big areas like halls, lounges et al. Sconce lamps – These are wall mounted lamps, used to throw light upward or downward or both. They add a quite and hypnotic style to alleys and staircases.
Ceiling lights and Pendant lights – Both are suspended from the ceiling, with a contrast that ceiling lamps are usually bigger. Pendant lights can perfectly brighten a room hanging along bedsides or coffee table in the living area.

Cove lights – To add a romantic touch to any bedroom, cove lights are an apt choice. Conventionally, these lights are put in a groove above the beds or inside a gap in a wall, hiding them from full view. The effect is enormous and the outcome is flattering.  Intrados lights – These are essentially the side lamps, artistically placed on the bedsides or couch sides. They throw the light downwards enriching your home terrain.  Now, that you know what all can you pick to remodel your personal space; you must experiment with your home interiors.



Lights, in particular, have a capability to beautify any place. In the dearth of adequate lighting, a well done up house too will lack the luster. Visit to check out the various possibilities in the world of lights. The array of lighting fixtures and types will steal your attention.
“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy”, is a beautiful quote by a legend in the field of interior designing. How magical would it be to live by it!